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See how this Simple, Natural Ingredient is Making a Positive Difference in Health Across America!

First, let's take a moment and explain what Structured Silver is, How it works and why your friends and family are experiencing such amazing results. Salus Structured Silver is unlike any health product you have experienced. It first starts with the structuring of water molecules

What is the Structuring of Water?

Well let's take a look at the word "structure." It's something that's organized and is put together for a purpose. For instance, coal has a structure and a chemical structure that's identical to the chemistry of a diamond. The difference is in the vibration, in the resonance, in the magnetism, in the electric field associated with that chemistry, you get a diamond or you get coal.

Structure can be applied to water. I know it sounds funny. Water, with a magnetic structure? Yes, magnetism moves water just like the tide coming in and going out with reference to the moon and its magnetism. Electrically, we know water transfers electricity, you've seen people electrocuted by it.

With this in mind, the proper electricity, the proper magnetism, the proper structure, all can be put together in one molecular particle called structured silver water where it has anti-microbial effects.

And how does this work?

Structured silver water is very significant because it has the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. It can do so inside the body. It can do it on the outside of the body. It can purify your water. You can actually use it to disinfect your shower from the mold that's growing there.

So this structured silver water is significant because it has a molecular structure. Within this structure it has an enhanced ability to kill pathogens and recharge itself so that you don't have to take silver at such a high dose.

In addition to that, you're going to find that the structure is so significant that a single silver ion can kill one pathogen, 1 bacterial cell, while the structured silver water, has the ability to function like a machine gun, rapid fire destruction, continuous destruction of bacteria and virus and yeast, all at the same time.

So, what you are seeing is that silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast. As such, we can use it in our washing machines, we can use it in our clothing, we can take it internally and it's going to destroy those pathogens that could have caused disease.

Now we've learned to put a charge on that nanoparticle of silver. A particle so tiny it will fit inside a single red blood cell. Now, with that ability to transfer anywhere in the body, and destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast, you've got a pathogen killing machine that's as tiny as a single cell.

After using the product for only a few days on my face and neck, I noticed a visible improvement in my skin tone and firmness. The redness on my nose and cheeks disappeared. The pores around my nose got smaller and my neck looked smoother. I've tried lots of skin care products but none made much difference but the silver gel really works!


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How Do I take Structured Silver?

If the general rule of thumb with Salus Structured Silver is "two teaspoons twice per day; gel as needed"…

Salus Structured Silver starts combating the bad bacteria, yeast and viruses immediately when you take 2 teaspoons or apply topically.

You will see here under a microscope how Salus Structured Silver kills bacteria on contact and continues to re-energize itself and continuing to kill off more bad bacteria.


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About Structured Silver

Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast. It does so effectively that in lab studies, we’ve found that if you place a pathogen that can cause disease —from bacteria, from viruses, from yeast—add to it the silver, especially in the alkaline form, the molecular structure that’s tetrahedral will destroy those pathogens in under 6 minutes.

In fact, a pharmaceutical test reported that we can destroy even MRSA. (That stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus.) That’s the staph bacterium that causes flesh eating bacteria diseases; its eats your flesh. Even the resistant form, meaning bacteria that can’t be killed by the drugs, the antibiotics can’t even kill it; silver, in this form, can kill that in about six minutes.

In addition to staph and strep and e-coli, that causes food poisoning, salmonella causes food poisoning and pseudomonas aeruginosa, some of the most difficult bacteria and yeast like candida, are killed in under 6 minutes, using this form of tetrahedral molecularity strong silver, in an alkaline setting.

Salus Defense Structured Silver Gel is an amazing product. I have played sports all my life, and have had toe fungus on my big toe for the past 10 years. I tried numerous products over the years to attempt to get rid of the fungus, but was unsuccessful. I ordered the Silver Gel and after applying it daily for 12 days, the fungus has completely disappeared. Thank you Salus Defense!!!

Craig E.

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Is this the same as colloidal Silver or other silvers I have seen before?

"The question is, 'why is silver in a structured form more valuable than silver in an ionic or colloidal form?'

It's this simple: if I were to take silver, and one atom of silver, and let's call that this right here. That's silver.

Now, let's say that that can steal one electron from this bacteria. That's terrific, that dies, but this is now neutral, unless, we add enough energy to this simple silver particle that it now becomes energetic enough that there are four silver particles bonding together, and they bring with it an entire structure of oxygen and hydrogen because two hydrogens and one oxygen is water, you're now structuring the silver into a situation where you have hydrogen, oxygen, and by doing so on every one of these, you end up with a structure where they share electrons.

So they bond together, and because normally the silver is missing one electron, now by binding together they're sharing. And, they're sharing with oxygen, so it becomes a crystalline structure. And in certain scientific papers by Rustum Roy, he lists that Ag, or silver, 4O4, which is this right here, is a very valuable killer of pathogens. But, because it's in water, and there's all this hydrogen and oxygen everywhere else, and other silver particles, it only exists for about a second, maybe, and then it becomes Ag6, or Ag5, or Ag12, or Ag1, because there's so much water, it's pulling it apart, sticking it back together, pulling it apart, sticking it back together.

But when we add enough energy, right here, that this becomes structured water, it makes a matrix that holds this into place longer, so 40 percent of the time, we have these crystalline structured silvers ready to kill as opposed to the other hydrosols that only kill for like a ten-thousandth of a second and then they fall out of solution and they go back in.

Now, as opposed to single silver that only kills one bacteria at a time, it becomes totally neutral after one kill, so – I've said this before – ionic, colloidal, and other silvers, are basically a single-shot revolver. One shot, one kill, they're neutral. But when you put it into a structure that includes oxygens and hydrogens, you now have the ability to steal an electron, right here, and it sends a charge to this, which then can steal an electron, sends a charge, sends a charge, all these have charges…

Where does the extra electron end up going? It actually ends up going into the oxygen, and the oxygen is already saturated and it actually fires off like a rapid-fire machine gun, one silver electron at a time, as well as steals one.

So now this crystalline structure is stealing an electron and, a ten-thousandth of a second later, it's firing one off into a bacteria. Stealing, firing, stealing, firing, making this structure more energetic all the time, exposing oxygen, which kills pathogens like cancer cells, like virus cells, like bacteria cells…

All the time these single oxygens are being released, and you're getting multiple methods of killing with a structured silver. And place it in an alkaline system that your body recognizes and can use every single day.

This is why structured silver is far better than just a single silver or an ionic silver or a colloidal or even the hydrosols of the past. This is new and improved silver."

Now is your turn to experience the differences shared by your friends and family who introduced you to Salus Structured Silver.

We would like to invite you into the Family of Salus Defense and start experiencing the results as soon as you receive your product.

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Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Structured Silver. My son's acne is great. Nothing new has appeared since he been using this. I know it takes time but so far so good. I have a skin condition that appears on my elbows and knees. It is ugly. One doctor called it granuloma annulare. Nothing has helped it and I have tried everything. The doctor told me it will eventually burn itself out and just hope it does not show up on my face. I thought i would try the Structured Silver on it. In one week it is almost half the size. I am thrilled to say the least. I am going to California in a few weeks and won't be embarrassed to wear a skirt. I am truly amazed at this safe and wonderful product.


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I went to the dentist for my annual cleaning and the doctor had to stop due to extreme bleeding ( sensitive gums ) and had to reschedule for a month later. I started using the Salus Structured Silver each night for swishing around my mouth after brushing. I noticed almost immediately my gums were not bleeding much and by the time I had my appointment a month later the dentist was amazing with nearly no bleeding. Thank you so much Salus!

Sara in Victoria

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